Meet The Team


Dr. Nathan Edwards

Dr. Nathan Edwards


Nathan Edwards is an Optometrist at the Casper Family Vision Clinic here in Casper. He has been on the Board of Directors for about six years and is a great addition to our team!

Aaron Yeigh

Aaron Yeigh

Safety Coordinator

Aaron is a Special Education Instructor at Kelly Walsh High School. Aaron's ability to share his perspective and insight about our participants and their lives with the rest of our board is incredibly valuable. He also serves as the Vice-President for the Arc.

Sheila Delach

Sheila Delach


Sheila is a Real Estate Agent at House Real Estate Group here in Casper. She was able to help the Arc in the purchase of our current location. She has an Associate's degree in Elementary Education and loves helping people!

Julie Huber

Julie Huber

Self Advocate

Julie has been a vet assistant at Altitude Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. Julie enjoys participating in Special Olympics and has been doing so for over 32 years. Julie is a counselor at Arc Camp in the summer and enjoys assisting the campers with various activities on the mountain. Julie likes to volunteer in our Casper community and is a big believer in kindness, being humble, helping others and having fun!

Administrative Staff:

CodyLou, Bethany, Karie, Shianne (left to right)

Bethany Young

Executive Director

Bethany has worked for the Arc since 2004, becoming the Executive Director in February of 2017. She was previously the Service Coordinator from 2008-2017. Bethany is responsible for the implementation of policies and programs for the Arc. She oversees all employees, writes all grants, fundraises, educates the community and grantors when opportunities are available and advocates for families and participants.

Karie Hatch

Service Coordinator

Karie has almost 25 years of experience with individuals with special needs, both administratively and in direct care. She has been with the Arc since April 2017, as our Service Coordinator, filling the role of liaison between our families and our providers- scheduling shifts, doing meet and greets, attending Plan of Care meetings, and doing a lot of our staff training.

CodyLou Taubert

Office Manager

CodyLou has served the Arc in a variety of capacities over the last 20 years, including direct care, Service Coordinator and Executive Director. She has a Bachelors in Special Education and currently serves as our Office Manager. She handles all of our HR and Medicaid billing.

Shianne Daniels

Adult Day Coordinator

Shianne has worked for the Arc for 5 years, starting out in our after school program. She has been running our Adult Day program since February 2017. Some of her job duties include creating staffing schedules and activity schedules for our adults, overseeing services provided in this area and is a go to for our Adult Day staff.

Maurica Medders

Maurica Medders

Case Manager

Maurica has been the Case Manager at the Arc since January of 2013, but worked for the Arc as a direct care provider for a few years when she was going to school. Maurica is the go to person for the families she case manages and helps ensure the other services they are utilizing are meeting their needs.