Organizational Information

Organizational Information

Arc of Natrona County (The Arc) Mission/Goals/Purpose

The Arc of Natrona County is committed to securing assistance for all people with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities to give them the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work, and play. The Arc is further committed to reducing the incidence and limiting the consequence of developmental disabilities through education, research, advocacy and the support of families, friends and community.

The Arc is a primary agency in Casper serving children with developmental disabilities between infancy and twenty-one years of age, outside of school hours. To allow for inclusion whenever possible and appropriate, direct care services are provided in existing after school and summer recreational programs, while at the same time providing the necessary care and accommodations to meet the individual needs of each person served.


The Arc of Natrona County is a local organization, which provides a variety of direct and indirect services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Arc initially began as an informal parent organization in 1963 and was formally incorporated in May of 1977. The Arc of Natrona County is an affiliate organization of the Arc of Wyoming and The Arc of the United States.

For twenty-eight years, The Arc of Natrona County has provided respite services, inclusion programs, residential habilitation, advocacy, information and referral, and a variety of family supports for Natrona County and the surrounding areas. At the request of parents, The Arc began offering respite services in 1990, through informal arrangements with parents and volunteers. In 1992, the Arc recognized a dramatic rise in the demand for respite services and began offering respite services under the State Medicaid Waiver, which is administered through the Wyoming Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division. Through the use of respite services, incidents of physical and emotional abuse toward family members with disabilities began to decrease and many single parent families re-entered the workforce.

Due to funding limitations and concerns surrounding segregating children with disabilities, The Arc does not provide daytime, in-home respite care, unless required as a result of emergencies, medical issues or other circumstances. Since June of 1992, the Arc has successfully placed children with developmental disabilities in programs at the Casper YMCA, the Casper Recreation Center, the Wyoming Athletic Club, Special Olympics, and Lifetime Health and Fitness.